Automotive Hail Repair


Panama City Beach, FL

Denver, CO

Austin, TX



Brand Overview

Express Auto Hail Repair: The auto hail repair experts for people with full coverage insurance who want their vehicles repaired in only 48 hours 

With Express Auto Hail Repair, you get the best possible option for timely, cost-effective hail damage repair for your vehicle. There can be a lot of frustration when dealing with hail damage to your vehicle. That’s why Express Auto Hail Repair provides fast and convenient service.

All hail damage repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty. If there is an issue, just bring your vehicle back in and the team will make things right. It’s the mission of Express Auto Hail Repair to ensure customers drive away happy.



  • Full Funnel Optimization
  • Web Development
  • Facebook Ads
  • Reporting and Insights
  • New Location Set Up
  • Google Ads

The Approach

Web Development

  • Objective: Set up, optimize and test 3 minute custom estimates, and 1 hour estimates

Full Funnel Optimization 

  • Build out and optimize comprehensive top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel

Facebook Ads

  • Objective: Phase testing focused on creative and message testing with audience verification tests

Google Ads

  • Objective: Geo-focused ads with progressive keyword-narrowing

Insights and Reporting

  • Objective: Gain data to make informed decisions on marketing efforts 
  • Tactics: Utilize google tags to track client behavior 

New Location Activation

  • Objective: Adjust website and marketing campaign to target and advertise for the new location

The Impact

  • $120 cost per lead 
  • $1,213,800 sales revenue in 3 months
  • ROAS : 14.75
  • Scaled ad spend to $1700 per day

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