Womens Leadership Program





Brand Overview

Women founded, led, and focused. Our company is rooted not only in decades of professional and academic expertise, but the lived experiences of working women and all that entails.

We believe in women as drivers, not passengers – who hold each other accountable and support one another’s growth.

Ignite a Culture Where All Rise: When women excel at work, they uplift the entire workplace. We’re here to make work better for everyone.



  • LinkedIn ads
  • Google Ads
  • Landing page Optimization
  • Define ROAS
  • Reporting and Insights

The Approach

LinkedIn Ads

  • Objective : Optimize ad campaigns to be targeted towards corporations


Google Ads

  • Objective : Phase testing focused on creative and message testing with audience verification tests


Landing Page 

  • Objective : Create a more clear and professional landing page that allows site visitors to quickly understand Bonfires mission



  • Objective : Use data to calculate and optimize ROAS 


Reporting and Insights

    • Objective : Gain data to make informed decisions on marketing efforts 
    • Tactics 
      • Utilize google analytics to track client behavior 

The Impact

  • Reduced CPC : 36%
  • Reduced CPA : 27%
  • Raised CTR : 102%
  • ROAS : 10.53

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